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Children's Lifestyle Intervention Program for Parents (CLIPP)

CLIPP is a program based on the fact that early intervention in childhood can lead to better lifestyle choices as an adult. It is easier to maintain good habits learned as a child rather than acquiring new habits as middle aged adults. CLIPP educates parents on health, gives them the tools to modify children's behaviors and empowers them to commit to a lifestyle of health for themselves and their children.

Corporate Heart Intervention Program (CHIP)

Indians working in multinational IT companies often have poor eating habits, are sedentary, get no regular exercise, experience increased stress and have irregular sleep patterns. They are thus at increased risk of developing weight problems, high blood pressure, poor lipids and high sugars, which in turn greatly increase their risk for heart disease. CHIP introduce lifestyle interventions which address the unique needs of corporate workers, helping reduce their risk of getting a heart attack.

College Health Education Program (CHEP)

CHEP is a series of lectures on healthy living targeted at college students. The lectures are meant to be part of a core curriculum which can be taught live or can be viewed as recordings online. The program includes a booklet, videos, lesson plans, interactive activities and quizzes. The aim is for college students to be armed with knowledge and skills to raise a healthy family.

Cardiovascular Intervention Program via Videos (CIPV)

IHI is developing a series of educational videos on healthy lifestyle and prevention of cardiovascular disease. The first set of videos will be in English and Tamil, specifically catering to people of Tamil Heritage. The same content will then also be produced in the cultural context of North India, with videos in Hindi.

Meal Makeover Home Videos 

We are collaborating with home cooks to produce videos of meal make overs of current popular Tamil meals to healthier versions using whole grains and vegetables. These meals will be simple and easy for the daily cook to adapt effortlessly to their own kitchens.

Heart Health Online Photo Contests for Students

IHI periodically holds online photo contests for students in colleges and universities to encourage them to share their personal meaning of good heart health. The goal is to make them think about health and lifestyle choices.

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